Two Weeks With Ready Hour with PTG Member 1

  • This is a diary of eating just Ready Hour food for 2 weeks
  • This dietary challenge was attempted using only the food available from the 3 month supply plus some powdered peanut butter.

Ready Hour Food Trial 2 week

Day 1 – Mushroom Rice Pilaf , 1 serving of pancake, 1 serving of orange energy drink, 1 tsp of milk for coffee

Calories, respectively: 1760, 160, 150, negligible

Total Calories: 2070

How I feel:

Breakfast –

The pancakes turned out great.  Very good taste and texture.  Fairly dense.

The orange drink tasted great.  Did a final rinse to get all of it off the glass.

Milk seems to be tasty in the coffee, it has plenty of fats in it, as you can see when you mix it.


May have to do heavy breakfast alternated with heavy dinners, never both.

Lunch –

              The rice pilaf was very dense but flavorful.  It has a fairly homogenous texture.  The pack made plenty of rice and so I ate my fill at lunch with ease.

Dinner –

              I had a pretty late dinner so was not very hungry.  I ate maybe a 1/3rd of what I had left for the rice before I was full.  I can save the left overs for the AM or for Lunch.  Eating the same thing twice gets a little old, so these larger meal packs might be better to share with someone else.  Also, eating it fresh ( I tasted a little as I packed it) was best.  Having it refrigerated makes it less appetizing, but still tastes good.

Day 2 – Leftover Mushroom Rice Pilaf, 2 servings of Pancakes, 1 serving of Milk, plus 1 tsp Milk for coffee, ½ bag of Spaghetti.

Calories, respectively: unk (about 1/3 of yesterday – 586), 320, 90, negligible, 600.

Total Calories: 1596

Breakfast – I made 2 Pancakes and had a glass of milk.  I also had coffee with some milk.

Lunch –  I only had about half of the remaining mushroom pilaf, I have come to realize this food is great fresh, and gets worse the longer it keeps for leftovers.

Dinner – I had Spaghetti.  It tasted a lot like Chef Boyardee spaghetti.  It was flavorful and filling.  I ate a little more than half.

Day 3 – 2 servings of Pancakes w/ peanut butter powder, ½ bag of chili mac, Leftover Spaghetti, a few banana chips.

Calories, repectively: 320, 800, unk ( about half – 300), 100
Total Calories: 1620

Breakfast – I added the peanut butter powder to the pancakes and it made a denser and pretty tasty change for the pancackes.

Lunch – I had the other leftovers of the spaghetti and a small handful of banana chips

Dinner – I ate about ½ of the chili mac.  It was good, could use some hot sauce.  Very filling.

Thoughts: I notice I am not as hungry as normal and so eating fewer calories is a little easier.

Day 4 – 2 servings of Pancakes w/ peanut butter powder, leftover chilimac, a few banana chips, ½ bag of creamy chicken flavored rice.

Calories, respectively: 320, unk ( about half 400), 50, 980

Breakfast – Pancakes – still satisfying.

Lunch – Leftover chilimac.  The only thing I have had so far that tastes just as good next day.

Dinner – I can see why the creamy chicken flavored rice is a main staple of calories for the 3 month bundle.  The mix is very flavorful with a good texture. Very filling too.  ½  a bag was almost too much, but not really enough for two full meals

Day 5 – 3 servings of Pancakes w/ Peanut butter powder, a few banana chips, ½ bag of homestyle potato soup, orange energy drink, oats

Calories: 480, 50, 135, 150, 230

Total Calories: 1045

Breakfast – Ate two, left 1 pancake for lunch.

Lunch – The soup was like eating a really chunky progresso chunky soup.  The pancake was a nice addition because I was able to scoop up the soup off the container like toast with egg yolk.

Dinner – Just the one serving of the oats.  I was not as hungry as I thought I would be and this was plenty.  I did not plan this one out as I was going by what I felt like eating at that time.  The Oats were actually very sweet, almost like a dessert.  Strong flavor of brown sugar, kind of like instant oatmeal individual packets.

Day 6 – 2 servings cream of wheat, handful of banana chips, mac n cheese

Calories: 340, 50, 1240

Total Calories: 1630

Breakfast – The cream of wheat had a nice touch of strawberry flavoring.  A little goes a long way.  Was filling for a few hours.

Lunch – The Mac N Cheese was really tasty and had a texture like a baked mac n cheese after it sets.

Dinner – Had leftover mac n cheese

Day 7 – Honey Wheat bread mix, 2 servings of oatmeal, banana chips, Creamy Stroganoff

Calories – 1920, 460 , 50, 1400

Breakfast – Baking bread – 25 min at 325

Lunch – leftover mac n cheese and ¼ loaf of bread.  The bread had a nice dense texture with a light honey flavor.  Slightly sweet and leaving you wanting another bite.

Dinner  – I had snacked through the day on the loaf of bread and left only the heel for lunch the next day.  I had a bowl of stroganoff (maybe 1 serving).  My first thought while eating was about how the mushroom flavor popped and persisted.  The texture fresh was well balanced.  This has been one of my favorites so far.

Day 8 – 2 Servings of oatmeal, leftover stroganoff, southwest rice, handful of banana chips, heel of bread, 1 serving of chocolate pudding

Calories  – 460, 700, xx, 50, 120

Breakfast – oatmeal, same as the day before.  I was in somewhat of a hurry and eating this did not help..  It is fast to prep, but takes a while to eat due to it holding temperature really well.

Lunch – leftover stroganoff and heel of bread

Dinner – southwest rice.  Very flavorful rice with tiny bits of dried peppers and onions.   Hearty and filling. I Had chocolate pudding for dessert.  It takes a while to mix together but it is silky and yummy once you get it mixed right

Day 9 – 2 servings of pancakes, leftover southwest rice(2/3 from yesterday), handful of banana chips, spoonful of powdered milk.

Day 10 – 2 servings of pancakes, creamy alfredo pasta, 2 servings of choc pudding

Lunch – the creamy alfredo pasta was quite good.  I think the pastas are some of the better foods in the pack.

Dinner – ate the rest of the alfredo pasta and had 1 serving too much of choc pudding

Day 11 – 2 Servings of pancakes with peanut butter, 2 servings of broccoli soup, 4 servings of mashed potatoes


Breakfast – Pancakes

Lunch – Broccoli cheddar soup – this soup had rice in it.  It really was not pleasing at all, probably my least favorite meal.  Barely any broccoli, cheddar was bland.

Dinner – Mashed potatoes, By far the fastest dish to make, it cooks instantly once you add it to the water.  It is a little salty, but kind of buttery tasting.  Good flavor, very filling.

Day 12 – 3 Servings of pancakes 2 servings of potato soup, Creamy chicken flavored Rice, 1 handful of banana chips, 1 serving of pudding

Calories: 480, 135, 50, 980, 120

Breakfast – 2 servings of pancakes

Lunch – 1 serving of pancake and potato soup

Dinner – Creamy Chicken flavored rice.  I think I lost a little water because it boiled faster than expected and it ended up getting really thick and rich.  Be sure to keep your water portions correct.  Pudding – it really is a nice quick dessert.

Day 13 – 2 servings of oatmeal, 2 servings of rice, 1 serving of chocolate pudding

Calories: 460, 340

Breakfast – oatmeal, same – hearty and delicious

Lunch – skipped for activities

Dinner – Rice – its rice, with a little butter – easy to eat and yummy.  No different than regular rice it seems. Pudding.

Day 14 – pancakes, rice

Calories: 480, 340, 120

Breakfast – pancakes

Lunch – skipped

Dinner – rice

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  • What is in the 3 month kit?

    Mac & Cheese - 40 Servings
    Creamy Stroganoff - 20 Servings
    Homestyle Potato Soup - 20 Servings
    Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup - 12 Servings
    Mushroom Rice Pilaf - 40 Servings
    Chili Mac - 32 Servings
    Creamy Alfredo Pasta - 20 Servings
    Spaghetti - 16 Servings
    Honey Wheat Bread Mix- 48 Servings
    Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice- 40 Servings
    Southwest Rice - 40 Servings
    Long Grain White Rice- 100 Servings
    Mashed Potatoes - 32 Servings
    Buttermilk Pancakes- 130 Servings
    Maple Grove Oatmeal - 112 Servings
    Strawberry Flavored Creamy Wheat - 16 Servings
    Powdered Whey Milk - 32 Servings
    Rice Pudding - 16 Servings
    Banana Chips - 24 Servings - 10 Year Shelf Life
    Chocolate Pudding- 20 Servings
    Orange Energy Drink Mix- 64 Servings

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