Ready Hour Chili Mac Individual Pack (8 servings)


At a Glance:

  • 1,600 Calories Per Pack
  • Ideal for off-grid use
  • Up to 25-year shelf-life unopened
  • Up to 1-year shelf-life after opening
  • 8 Servings per pouch
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Weighs 1 pounds

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Ready Hour Chili Mac pack is meant to feed about 6-8 people immediately or for one person who enjoys having food left for the future. Ready Hour packs allow you to have staples on hand and use when needed.  Chili Mac is the choice of sports fans who enjoy throwing football parties. Ready Hour made their products to be universal. They are not just for long term storage for emergency situations, they made them easy and delicious to enjoy as you like. They are highly cost-efficient for those on a budget.

Total water needed to cook entire pack is .5 gallons

Allergen Alert: This product contains soy and wheat. May also contain gluten.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1,600 Per Package


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